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महासचिव श्री प्रवीण अत्री
श्री प्रवीण अत्री
मानद महासचिव,
हरियाणा राज्य बाल कल्याण परिषद

District Council for Child Welfare, Panchkula

The Haryana State Council for Child Welfare was established on 1st April, 1971, when the composite Punjab State Council for Child Welfare was bifurcated. The Haryana State Council for Child Welfare with its Headquarters at Chandigarh, is governed by an Executive Committee with His Excellency Governor, Haryana as its President and the Chief Minister, Haryana, as its Vice-President. It has set up District Councils for Child Welfare in each District of the State with full time professional workers to provide effective supervision, administration and management of its child welfare programmes. Each District Council is governed by its Executive Committee headed by Deputy Commissioner of the concerned District. Its policies and programme help the children enjoy all those facilities which enable them to develop in a healthy manner and in conditions of freedom and dignity. The Haryana State Council for Child Welfare has been resolutely striving to forge ahead by exploring and utilizing human and material resources required for the potential growth of our younger generation. It has made rapid progress in the sphere of child welfare activities since its inception and is steadily growing.  

 Aims and Objectives​

  • To coordinate activities and help in the development of child welfare movement in the State.
  • To initiate action for promoting child welfare services in neglected areas.
  • To promote and undertake welfare services for both normal and handicapped children.
  • To start homes for handicapped children and deprived children from their normal home life
  • To influence the formulation of general child welfare policies and programmes within the State.
  • To work as liaison among voluntary agencies and the Government agencies for maximum cooperation -and ultimately securing continued improvement in standards of child care.
  • To undertake activities for prevention of drug abuse.

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